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[DML] Forum Regulation


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                                                                                   Rules General - DreamLife Romania
                         By registering an account in the forum, you agree that you have read and accepted these rules and the privacy policy.
    The official languages accepted on the forum are Romanian and English. We give some freedom in using other languages in restricted place with the mention that they can also be understood by the staff and respect the general rules. Exploitation of various vulnerabilities within                                                                                         the forum will be severely penalized.

Account names must be as intelligible as possible and do not contain vulgar, offensive words, advertising, etc. no matter in which language they are written (penalty: rename/warn/suspend).
They can be changed for free by making a request in the "Nickname Change Requests" section only once a month, if it is accepted by the staff members.
The avatars used must not contain personal pictures of other forum users without their consent, obscene, nude, offensive material, advertising, etc. (penalty: delete avatar/warn/suspend).
               Signatures should not be excessively long. Same content rules apply as for avatars (penalty: delete signature/warn/suspend).

The different information that takes into account such as Contact Methods, Profile Information, Previous Fields, About Me, Cover Photo, etc. must not contain vulgar, offensive words/images, nudity, advertising, etc. no matter in which language they are written (penalty: delete/warn/suspend).

The email address with which you register your account is visible only to the senior staff of the forum. If the account password is lost, it can only be recovered through the email address on the account. In case of loss of access to the account email, the forum account can NOT be recovered.
                                                                                                               2. Features:
The abusive increase of some characteristics that take into account such as the number of posts, reputation, number of profile views, achievements (badges) is strictly prohibited (penalty: decrease/reset/warn/suspend).

Certain forum sections have specific rules, so be sure to read and follow the rules of the section you wish to post in addition to these general rules.
Maintain a respectful attitude towards other users, staff and the community. It is prohibited to post personal pictures of other forum users without their consent, serious threats, blackmail, vulgar, offensive, quarrelsome, nude, advertising, harassment, personal assault, etc.
(penalty: delete post/warn/suspend).
                                             These rules also apply in the case of posting external content (eg: links to other sites).
                                           It is also prohibited to post personal information about another user without their approval.
             Double posting, post hunting, posting in old threads, useless posts and spam are prohibited
(penalty: delete post/warn/suspend).
   In the case of private messages, we will only give sanctions for vulgar material, porn, advertising, illegal business or other serious things           (sanction: warn/suspend).
Posting any kind of content that refers to piracy or illegal business (selling/exchange goods/samp accounts, donor grade business) is prohibited     (penalty: delete post/warn/suspend).
Publishing mods, mod packs, etc. it is only allowed in the official section of the respective game (penalty: delete post/warn/suspend).
                                                                                                           4. Sanctions:

       » Suspension type sanctions are of two types and can be granted for a limited or permanent duration depending on the severity:

 suspended from posting content on the forum, the user will still be able to use the forum but will not be able to post new content until the expires.
                                  suspended from using the forum, the user will not be able to use the forum until the sanction expires.
                                                   Penalties apply even if you edit the content in an attempt to hide it from staff.
                                                               Sanctions will apply for acts that occurred in the last week.

                                                                                                           5. Disclaimer:

  DreamLife Community is NOT responsible for the content posted on the forum. We try to moderate user-posted content as much as possible, but                                                                      please note that some things may get away from us.
                                                     Create a topic in the "User Area" of the forum to report rule violations.
                          Sanctions vary according to the seriousness of the facts, these being decided by the staff who apply them.
    We reserve the right to have exceptions to the rules mentioned above in cases where the situation calls for it without having to provide explanations, trying to update the rules with those new cases as well.
Users are obliged to periodically check both this regulation and the regulations of the various categories and subcategories within the forum.

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